Following a number of requests for training, FSNE have established training courses that are tailor made to your requirements. Course content includes:

  • Chart centre field
  • Driver's hours
  • Responsibilities of drivers and employers
  • Calibration dates
  • Storage systems
  • Manual entries and defect reports
  • Requirements of RTD (Working time directive)
  • Future developments of tachographs and legislation

Courses are specific to your operation and arranged at your own premises to suit you.


Digital Tachograph training courses are also available: Please contact us for details of all training courses.

  Digital tachograph download, archive and analysis facilities are now available from Fleet Services North East. Please contact us for details of how we can match your requirements.

  11 April 2006
EC Regulation No. 561/2006 was published today. The Regulation will make the introduction of Digital Tachographs mandatory in vehicles put into service for the first time from 1 May 2006.